Woo-hoo! Points bonanza!

December 9th, 2010

Last week I cleaned up on things from my points and portals, I am so proud:
- 1 free night in a very posh hotel room in Mayfair using my points est. £225
- 1 free case of 12 mixed red good-quality wines with my Nectar points est £150
- 1 Clinique eye cream with my Boots points est £24
- Cash put into Babysaver’s savings account from KidStart £50
- 2 magazine subscriptions and an AA membership with my Tesco points est. £100 because they are about to move Clubcard Rewards from 4-for-1 to 3-for-1

There you have it! It takes some time and effort to collect the points but you really can use them and save hundreds! Hubbysaver said, “RESPECT!”

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Curry assembly lickety-yum-split!

September 2nd, 2010

If you can't get a babysitter, go to Wagamama at home!

Love a nice curry? Here’s how to assemble a quick, nutritious meal in 15 mins and be popular with Hubbysaver:
You need to serve 2 adults plus leftovers for lunch:
2 small or one large onion
1 jar Wagamama stirfry sauce
2 chicken breasts or tofu if you’re a vegetarian
some pregrilled frozen veg
some frozen edamame soya beans
Maggi coconut milk powder to taste
Salt, pepper
1-2 packs udon noodles

To get started:
1. Boil some water in the kettle
2. Heat up your wok and put in some oil
3. Chop onions, add to wok
4. Cut up your chicken
5. Add to onions and shake about
6. Transfer water from kettle to hob and get boiling
6. When chicken is white all over, add jar of Wagamama sauce
7. Allow that to start simmering, if your water is boiling add the udon noodles
8. When stirfry is simmering, add frozen veg
9. When stirfry is boiling, add coconut milk powder, salt and pepper to taste
10. Drain udon noodles and if desired, toss with the stirfry

Eat and enjoy!

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My new fave voucher website

September 1st, 2010

(Completely unsponsored post!) I found this website Voucher Hub sort of by accident but now it is officially my favourite. Other users rate the voucher codes to tell you whether they worked for them or not, and the codes do tend to be more up-to-date than on some other sites. Remember, smart mummies never never never pay full-price whilst online shopping! xoxo-Mummysaver

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For my favourite OCD neatfreaks

August 25th, 2010

For the woman who has too many bags
Ladies, are your handbags piling up everywhere and driving you crazy? DON’T judge me, I actually have one of these. I saw it in Good Housekeeping and it has saved me loads of space and aggravation. It makes me feel very organised and smug, using that extra cubic metre or so of empty space in my closet! The fasteners aren’t great and mine just fell down yesterday (too many bags…?) but I still dig it. Totally unsponsored post, you can get one at Tsuji.co.uk.

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My little Boots blag

August 23rd, 2010

Luxury hand cream at a discount

A few times a year Boots hands out these vouchers for 5 quid off No 7 and Ruby and Millie, basically like candy. I’ve been using a voucher to buy the cheapest items, like a hand cream which retails for £10.25 for almost half, and the special anti-aging lip balm for about £3. Then I stockpile these babies for little emergency or holiday gifts for deserving ladyfriends! And of course fer meself…haven’t even checked Ruby and Millie…

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When it’s gone, it’s gone baby!

August 19th, 2010

Just got a hint about this Boots Ultra Clearance webpage and I’ve been checking it most days just to see what’s available. So far you have to be quick to get the really good stuff but I live in hope!

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